Internode Nodemap - Network Status Visualization

RELEASE NOTES: 1.1 Release

Changes from the previous version:

As a result of those changes, the old update_stats and update_pktloss programs are deprecated, and will eventually disappear from the distribution and the documentation. Their functionality has been replaced by the new scheduler program. As an additional side effect, etc/pktloss.cfg is no longer used by update_pktloss, and the code which generates it can be expected to eventually disappear from the distribution too.

The new software can be downloaded here: code, documentation, installation instructions

Prerequisites come from:

  • gd-2.0.28:
  • zlib-1.2.1:
  • jpeg-6b:
  • libpng-1.2.5:
  • GD-2.16:
  • Expect-1.15:
  • IO::Tty-1.02: (required for Expect-1.15)
  • Note that installation has been substantially simplified by the fact that the authors of GD now once again support the GIF file format which nodemap has been using (they removed GIF support a while ago due to patent concerns, but the patents have now expired).