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Solaris installation notes

William Shipway from Blake Dawson Waldron International Lawyers has posted some Solaris installation notes to the nodemap-users mailing list.

The notes are reprinted here with permission. Thanks, William!

The issues covered by William here might also be useful to non-Solaris users who happen to have a version of GD which doesn't contain GIF support (my development system contains a version of GD which only contains GIF support -- Wah!)

Solaris Installation Notes

Message-ID: <16299D2C8807D711BB3B00065B3CAB1E033DE4B4@SYDNT59>
From: William Shipway
Subject: RE: [nodemap] Any new user issues?
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004 11:30:42 +1000

Hi all,

> But one correspondent has reported that Solaris isn't quite that simple.

I resolved my Solaris problem eventually.

It appears that my version of GD::Image does not support GIF format.  I've
moved to PNG images instead, and that seems to work so far.  The changes
needed for this are:
 *  create background images in PNG format instead of GIF
 *  edit nodemap script
     - at line 413 change newFromGif to newFromPng
     - at line 459 change $gd->gif(); to $gd->png;
     - globally replace .gif with .png
 *  ensure etc/ lists .png image files, not .gif

FYI, some other Solaris 9 things I needed to do along the way.  These
changes were for a new Solaris install so may not apply to all.

 *  Configure & start Apache
     - cp /etc/apache/httpd.conf-example /etc/apache/httpd.conf
     - edit httpd.conf to change ServerName, ServerAdmin, anything else
     # /etc/rc3.d/S50apache start
 *  Install developer tools, in my case I installed GCC
 *  Add third-party library path to runtime linking environment
     # crle -l /usr/lib -l /usr/local/lib
 *  Edit system path
     - ensure /usr/ucb is near the end
     - /usr/ccs/bin and /opt/sfw/bin probably needed
 *  Install GD, libiconv, zlib, libpng, jpeg, freetype (eg from
 *  Install GD and the other required Perl modules via CPAN
     - I must have screwed my build invironment, and had to build/install
       some CPAN modules manually, by going into /.cpan/build/ and
       calling:  make clean, perl Makefile.PL, make, make install

Versions I am using:
 Perl 5.6.1
 libgd 2.0.22
 libiconv 1.8
 jpeg 6b
 libpng 1.2.5
 freetype 2.1.7
 zlib 1.2.1
 GCC 3.4.1
 Internode Nodemap 1.0-solaris  :-)


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